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The Official Webpage of the Dadaist Music of Matthew Chenoweth Wright and his compatriots, Alt-Nyarlathotep, eNuminous Carter, Archimedes Smythee, Faust Jones, Promovious X, Shadow the Bird, The Polterguest and DJ DeRezident.

Follow along on their mystical journey of the musical mind as they bring you 11 (or is it 12?) albums of sonic weirdness, poetry and discordant atemporal noize. Plus cats. And many, many, oh lord, WAY too many Bothans. Such a tragedy, what with the information being all a trap by the Emp,.. oh never mind.

Play this music. VERY LOUD. use it to annoy people, or torture noncooperative extraordinarily renditioned extralegal combatants in CIA black boxes somewhere on foreign soil because we need safety. Some of this music is extremely boring and atonal, and will make you sleepy, so,.. coffee, of course. All the covfefe -- oh, and, since I AM paying for this website: IMPEACH DONALD TRUMP ! ! !



The newest eNuminous & Archimedes album,Negative Space, is now available at iTunes,and Google Play Music.


Angular Momentum in Shadow the Bird's Rotating Universe




This bizarre-sounding eNuminous & Archimedes album is now available at iTunes,and Google Play Music.

Unpresidented Chumpery is the DJ Derezident remix of eNuminous & Archimedes's album "Unprecedented Chutzpah."It is a continuous piece of music. On the album, each portion of the video is separate tracks with pauses. Therefore, there is a subtly difference that may be noticed by those not completely overwhelmed by birds.

A Day in the life is a cover of

The Beatles' song by the same name. 

Lyrics by Lennon/McCarntney





Be Like Faust Jones



Google Play




invisible caterpillar records

and eNuminous & Archimedes

cordially invite Donald J. Trump to

hate this music.


Go for it, dude. Tweet about @enuminous


It's your 1st Amendment right.

Get that keyboard under your little fingers.

For a limited time only, the first 9 eNuminous & Archimedes albums are for sale as a collection for less than $30.00 as a special digital download, PLUS, 4 extra videos as a free gift.










             Music isn't.



                                                Words fail.







eNuminous & Archimedes


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We encourage you to look around.

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