1.  Microwave Burn -{Video} 

2.  Collaboration With The Circuit - {Video}                       

3.  From Under Eyelids

4.  Ay Carromba

5.  Motorcade [Atonal Fight]

6.  Serendipity [Early Hour Eulogy]

7.  Signals

8.  Lifespan Of A Spy - {Video}

9.  Invectivecide

10.  Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum

11.  Too Much Time On My Hands Workers' Compensation Blues 


This is probably our weirdest album. We were in a strange place when we created it. we did not mean to confuse people, but glad we finally released an album that was 100% weirdness.

play very loud. especially the loud bits. kill your speakers if you must.

…And you must.



Collaboration With The Circuit

This is the video for the song "Collaboration With The Circuit" -- which is the second track on the eponymous music album by the same name -- which has the same title as the track and the album, both being named the same. Identical. But one is a song, and the other an album of songs, most of which have a different title.

Collaboration With The Circuit