Collaboration With The Circuit

Collaboration With The Circuit

This is the video for the song "Collaboration With The Circuit" -- which is the second track on the eponymous music album by the same name -- which has the same title as the track and the album, both being named the same. Identical. But one is a song, and the other an album of songs, most of which have a different title.

1.  Microwave Burn

2.  Collaboration With The Circuit                       

3.  From Under Eyelids

4.  Ay Carromba

5.  Motorcade [Atonal Fight]

6.  Serendipity [Early Hour Eulogy]

7.  Signals

8.  Lifespan Of A Spy

9.  Invectivecide

10.  Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum

11.  Too Much Time On My Hands Workers' Compensation Blues 


This is probably our weirdest album. We were in a strange place when we created it. we did not mean to confuse people, but glad we finally released an album that was 100% weirdness.

play very loud. especially the loud bits. kill your speakers if you must.

…And you must.