invisible caterpillar records

is currently looking for

artists that are seeking


We offer packages that

include branding, digital

distribution, CD printing,

graphic design and social

media presence.

We can coordinate

production of videos,

online streaming, live

events and fan interaction

using our knowledge

of the modern music


It has been our experience

that artists who market

themselves take time away

from their musical passion,

and spend too much time

on the publishing, tending

to excel at neither.


Focus on your music,

let invisible caterpillar records

handle the rest. 

Our team and our partners

are chosen to maximize

your exposure and

minimize your risk.

We only expose your art

via reputable outlets,

including iTunes,

Google Play and

Amazon Digital,

and have worked only

with web outfits

that we believe have a

lifespan that will last. 


For consideration of your

music, please send 3 (three)

links to a Soundcloud URL

or to other major music service,

(no, we won't click on any link

where we do not recognize

the domain,)

where we can view 3 tracks.


Three separate links.

3 shall be the number

of the tracks

we will receive links to,

and the count of the links

we receive shall be 3




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You can also make polite inquiries, prior to filling out this form, at:




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