It's Not Music For Sane Persons

1. Off Time Out of Key & Full of Static {Video}

2. Scarab Burns Lucid {Video}

3. Whales Around the World {Video}

4. Wordhunt [See lyrics below]

5. Magnetic Field Duet {Video} 

6. Multipart Singularity {Video}

7. Shallowdeep

it’s not music for sane persons is the 3rd album, recorded in the same sessions as the earlier eyelid/fetish, and is notable for having the fewest tracks, yet the longest song we have ever created.

the video for Whales Around The World was filmed, edited and released all in one day, and shot from a boat near the Farralon Islands off the coast of San Francisco.



Wordhunt -- One Poem On The Plate Of Ivan Denisovich

Softly now

Sharpen your tongues

We're catching and tagging

The wild poems

Of the literate dry savannah

Releasing them

To track their movements

Last night's prize wordplay

Has ventured far afield

And hunts now among the minds

Of editor warriors

From New York to Albequerque

We've had them die

Barren in the wastebaskets

In Poughkeepsie

And silence

The din in starlit pubs

Read by strangers

Aloud in Hayward

Before reaching the vanishing point

In rugged

San Francisco book dens

Our creatures breed and disperse

Themselves trasmute their origins

Depart from their titles and media

Are recorded

To the subway clatter

Reviewed in small offices

Edited for content

And censored too

Until Solzhenitsyn

His cries echoing

Returns from sabbatical abroad

To skewer dead poems

Endlessly eat the stanzas aloud

Excited at the taste

Of gamey wild wordmeat