Born on May 28, 1968, Matthew has quickly grown up into a very interesting human being.  He dabbles in Graphic Design, Music, Art, and Poetry, creating strange and wonderful things in his secret laboratory in Sacramento.

His album of music, "Eyelid/Fetish" has been on no charts that he is aware of, and his friends ask him to stop playing it.  He therefore went on to release 6 more albums on his invisible caterpillar records label, and create a series of music videos.

His debut book of poetry, entitled "From Under Eyelids" continues on this theme.  His poetry is readily available to the public for free online, and he doesn't do as many public readings as he once did, to the public's great relief.

Matthew is the creative force behind the entire eNuminous & Archimedes project, eschewing collaboration with very few exceptions. He has a guest artist, a fellow named Promovious, provide Klingonese speech on Klingon Love Song, and has audibly captured the craziness of The Polterguest.

He also, more fortunately, features the voice artistry of Harlequinn Bell, who guest-appears (entirely against her will) on several tracks on Deep Red Bass.

He is available for readings, book signings, music demonstrations, particle physics lectures, and discussions about Star Trek's ultimate psycho-sociological relevance.