negative space

1. Ghost Music

2. Floating Fox

3. Endless Data

4. The Guitar at the End of the Universe

5. Force

6. Sunny Nuclear Bird

7. Ten Siamese Cats

8. Shrew

9. Mantis Reverie

10. An Abrupt End

11. Flowing Mountain

12. Data Endless (Meandering #5)


Negative Space is the 12th full album of experimental music by eNuminous & Archimedes, recorded between March and June 2018 invisible caterpillar studios in South Euclid. This album is the first to use our new Spectrum drum machine, which is awesome and fun to play. Entirely instrumental and guitar/piano driven, it is also the first album we've made that doesn't use the trusty iPad and Music Studio, recorded instead using Audacity and a condenser mic pointed directly at the amp. Such high tech!