Swamp Bell Aardvarking

1.  Oil Spill Pelican [Crying Remix]

2.  The Swamp Becomes A Bell Blues

3.  Bygone Days

4.  Abolish the Draft

5.  Siren on Fire

6.  Spanish Theme

7.  Jayemm

8.  Tsunami

9.  Floating Laughter of the Harlequin's Anti-Gravity Dreams

10.  A Funny Thing Happened To Me In A Little Bar On Deneb

"Swamp Bell Aardvarking" is a collection of cast-offs not included on other albums, live performances, out-takes, ephemera mixes and curious ponderings.

It tells no tale, and takes no prisoners.

It is dedicated to the quiet heros that fade into the woodwork and are filled with wonder and humility.











Swamp Bell Aardvarking